Prof.Dr. Dilek Demirezen Yılmaz

Board Member& Manager

She researched the efficiency of plant species in the removal of heavy metal pollutants in the atmosphere, soil and water, and the effects of pollutants on plant physiology and plant biodegradation and removal efficiency.

In recent years, she is studying biological nano synthesis of materials and their antimicrobial effects.

Attended conferences about nanoparticle synthesis in recent years are; ICMSN (Barcelona/ 6-10 Temmuz, 2018), 9th International Conference on Chemical, Agriculture, Environment and Natural Sciences (CAENS-18) (Antalya/ Mayıs 2018), 1st International Eurasian Conference on biological and Chemical Sciences (EurasianBioChem, 26-27 April 2018 /Ankara), ISER-340th International Conference on nanoscience, Nanotechnology Advanced Materials (IC2NAM) (Amsterdam / Nisan 2018), 2 nd International Congress on applied and biological Sciences (SarayBosna/ Mayıs 2016). (Ref: