Nanoksia Biotechnology researches and develops innovative, plant-based, biological, environmental, and cutting-edge nanomaterials. Nanoksia’s focus is on advanced science, engineering, and technology while developing high quality and easy to apply nanomaterials for health, energy, food, aviation and defence industries.

Our inspiration comes from nature. The company aims to improve its already remarkable performance by fostering the synthesis of materials that are natural, chemical-free, vegan, and ecological. At Nanoksia Biotechnology, we are able to produce advanced materials even nanomaterials that are carried out in the scope of the ‘green production approach‘. Our technology consumes less energy and resources, produces non-hazardous waste and generates zero toxic emissions.

Nanoksia Disinfectant conforms all requirements of aviation industries important tests,  BSS7434 and AMS 1452-C,  which are mandatory for products to be used as cabin disinfectant.

Vegan, Ecological and Sustainable Products; We have high awareness to produce vegan and eco-friendly nanomaterials.  Nanoksia’s productssatisfy all requirements as vegan, organic and green products.


No hazard to the environment
and human

Cutting edge

High value-added products

High Tech

Zero emissions during production


No toxic chemicals used in production


  • 20 L Disinfectant

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  • 50ml Disinfectant

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  • 100ml Disinfectant

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  • 200ml Disinfectant

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